Bento Me Now

One of the perks of living in SF is that there are so many new startup apps being created all the time, and of course my favorites are the ones that DELIVER DELICIOUS FOOD RIGHT TO YOUR DOOR. I love to eat, and sometimes I’m lazy, but I still win. Recently, I discovered Bento – an app … Continue reading Bento Me Now

Morimoto Napa

We’ve been watching a lot of Iron Chef recently, and Chef Morimoto is one of my favorites. I did some research and realized that he has a restaurant not too far from us! So last week during our Napa trip, we got reservations at Morimoto Napa. The plating on all the dishes were absolutely gorgeous, … Continue reading Morimoto Napa

DeLoach Winery

Karl the Fog came in full force this weekend, so we got into a car and escaped up north to sunny Santa Rosa and ended up doing a tasting at DeLoach Vineyards. This place had barnyard animals, a full garden of plants, vegetables and herbs, and even a casking room full of Libertines!


I failed. I barely posted anything in 2014. But it was a great year. 2014 was a refreshing fresh start for me. Hiked Muir Woods. Saw Amos Lee in concert. Snow Weekend in Tahoe. Rooftop dinners. Watched the Giants go to the World Series and then win it all. Represented Chun Li and Ryu well. Went wine tasting … Continue reading #2015

6.0 Earthquake

It always starts out the same. From a deep sleep, I’m swimming up to wakefulness, then snapped into fighting mode, Who’s shaking the bed?! Oh. Earthquake!! It’s kind of a helpless feeling, knowing that there’s nothing to do except to lay there and wait it out, listening to the screens rattle. After moving back from … Continue reading 6.0 Earthquake